(Previous Copies Are Now Void and Nulled)




          These by-laws are formed and adopted by the association hereby known as West Kentucky Gospel Music             Association (WKGMA). We recognize Jesus as our Lord and  Master and as an example. The objective of the Association , under these by-laws,is to   control and facilitate the carrying on of the various activities of the Association.


"I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being".

Psalm 104:33


The Association calendar year will run from January 1st through December 31st of each year.


Any individual or group endeavoring to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ may become a member of KGMA by doing the following at a regular scheduled meeting:

     1.     Contact the WKGMA Corresponding Secretary to complete a membership form( or  ) complete the online                    membership form), which will require the following information:

               a. Group / Soloist Name

               b. Contact Name

               c. Address

                     * For Groups, names, addresses and contact names of all members.

               d.  Home and Cell Phone numbers or a fax number

               e.  Email address. if applicable

               f.  A  current photograph of the group or soloist                  

Any information obtained from this membership form will be used for attendance (ARTICLE IV;Section 4 and ARTICLE XV), communication (ARTICLE IV; Section 5) and promotion (both physical and on line or Social Media) (ARTICLE IV; Section 5) purposes by the WKGMA.  Your information will never be sold to any third party; however, it may be obtained by means of online viewing or promotional purposes.

               2.     Have one (1) person designated as the contact person for Group or Soloist.

               3.     Pay Membership Fee to the Association's Treasurer (ARTICLE II)


     1.     Annual Membership Fees are due January 1st of each calendar year and must be paid  by the March meeting.

     2.     Membership Fees are $25.00 for Groups and $10.00 for Soloist per year "OR" any portion of the year.

                     a. Soloist status shall be based upon the number of vocalist during any scheduled performance. Only one                         vocalist shall be Solo status.  The number of musicians does not constitute Group status unless one or                               more musicians are also vocalists during any scheduled performance.  Two (2) or more vocalists                                         shall be given Group status.

                     b. Group status shall be based on the number of vocalists during any  scheduled  performance. Two (2) or                         more vocalists shall be given Group status.

     3.     Membership fees for new members are due and payable immediately upon their request for membership.


     1.     A quorum of one-third of the current membership must be present in a regular  or special meeting in order to                call for a vote.  "ROBERT RULES OF ORDER" shall  prevail in all matters.


     2.     All Members in good standing shall have one vote in all elections and motions.


            The Association known as WKGMA shall have the following officers whose  duties are described below:

     1.     PRESIDENT

             a.      The President shall preside over all business meetings, both regular and special.

             b.      The President is to notify the Vice-President in advance if unable to  attend  any business meetings, both 

                      regular and special.

              c.      It is the duty of the President to begin meetings punctually and preside according to "ROBERTS RULES                        OF ORDER".



     2.     VICE PRESIDENT

              a.     The Vice-President shall assume any and all of the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

              b.     The Vice-President shall either chair or appoint a chairperson to  moderate  any  or all committees.

              c.     The Vice-President shall contact members of said committees to set a special  meeting outside the                                    regular business meetings to make decisions for such  appointment.

     3.     TREASURER

               a.      The Treasurer shall present a written financial statement at each monthly  meeting for members to                                    review.  The President's name shall be added to the Association's check in

               b.     The Treasurer shall maintain an accurate and timely set of books for the Association.    

               c.     The Treasurer is responsible for the collection, disbursement and                                                                                           management of all Association funds.


                 a.       The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes of all business meetings,  both regular and special. 

                  b.      At each meeting, the Recording Secretary shall have a condensed of  the minutes of the previous                                       month's meeting.

                  c.      The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of attendance of each meeting.

                            (ARTICLE XV).

                  d.     The Recording Secretary shall monitor eligibility of the participants in all  annual Conventions held                                 by the Association, (ARTICLE XI).


                     a.    The Corresponding Secretary shall maintain all administrative correspondence the Association,                                        including the following:

                               1.      Member Notification: Notification of WKGMA events or business will be see U.S. Postal                                                   Service, Email,  telephone or internet to all  members at appropriate times.

                                2.     WKGA Advertisments: When the need arises for Newspaper,  Magazine, Posters or otherwise                                            in the area of advertisements for  the Association, the Corresponding Secretary will see that                                              these are fulfilled and distributed in a timely manner.

                                 3.     WKGMA Spring and Fall Conventions:

Programs:  Designed for distribution to the public indicating  the lineup of groups/solo artists for each evening of the Convention.    This program will include a member photo along  with any contact information available from the WKGMA Membership Directory.  A copy of this will be submitted to the Association for review of each  member's        content and then distributed publicly on the first and each subsequent night of the convention.

                                  4.    The Corresponding Secretary shall maintain a list of the Association Groups and Soloist                                                      membership using information obtained through the Membership Form  (ARTICLE ).

                                  5.     If the Corresponding Secretary does not serve as the Website Administrator for the                                                           WKGMA,  he/she shall provide timely information for distribution on the site such as the                                                 dates,  current  membership information, a current digital copy of the  WKGMA by- laws,                                                 digital copies of posters and other advertising materials, along with current revisions of the                                               Membership Directory and   WKGMA  by-laws.


             a.     The Parliamentarian shall see that these by-laws and "ROBERTS RULE OF ORDER" are adhered to.

             b.     The Parliamentarian shall advise all new Groups and Soloist, on the event of  their membership, of all                                rights and privileges as stated in these by-laws and  explain the terminology contained within.


            1.     VOTER EDIBILITY

                     In order to cast a vote as indicated in ARTICLE III in an election, each group or individual soloist must                         comply with the following:

                      a.      Be a member in good standing (ARTICLE I).

                      b.      Be present at the time of the election.

            2.     OFFICER ELIGIBILITY

                       a.     By nominee's own testimony, they must be saved.

                       b.     Nominee must be an active member of a Bible-Believing church or actively seeking membership                                       with such a body of believers.

                        c.     Nominee must be a member in good standing with WKGMA.

                               If at any time during the tenure of any position(s) the qualifications of  these officers come into                                         question , guidelines shall be followed as indicated  under ARTICLE IX of this document.

              3.     ELECTION OF OFFICERS

                      a.     Election of officers will be held during the Associations annual business meeting, the  first Monday                                  in June.

                      b.    Elected officers shall serve a term of one (1) year from the first regularly scheduled meeting in July                                     and  up to but not including the regularly-scheduled meeting the following July.

                      c    A concerted effort must be made to fill all Association offices by utilizing only  one(1)member per                                   group to serve as a WKGMA officer during the same year.  If all  eligible candidates decline to accept                               nominations, then nominations will be  accepted for members belonging to groups with other                                           members of the same group already holding an office.               

                      d.     Elections shall be held according to the Association's by-laws and "ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER".

                 4.      DELEGATE

                          A delegate may be sent as a representative of a group or soloist that has to be absent from this or any                               WKGMA meeting.  For Group members, a delegate may be any member of our Group or affiliate that                              is currently listed on your Membership Form. For a Solo Artist, a delegate may be a person (husband,                             sibling, parent or friend) who is agreeable to represent you within the WKGMA  and be listed on your                             Member Form. A delegate cannot be a member of another group.  The delegate may represent you at a                             meeting and vote in an election or on any business conducted by the Association.



                       a.     Should a holiday or other event coincide with a regularly-scheduled business meeting, the meeting                                  day maybe changed by a majority vote of the WKGMA  members

                       b.    In the event of inclement weather, natural disaster or other unforeseen  circumstances that force                                      postponement of the regularly-scheduled meeting,k a  substitute meeting day may be called by the                                    President for the purpose of holding a regular business meeting. This alternate date shall be                                                scheduled with at least seven(7) days notice to the members.  Any group or soloist that cannot be                                      present for the alternate date will be counted present if they properly notify one (1) of the                                                 Association's officers in advance of the rescheduled.


                  A special business meeting may be called by the President of the Association by notifying members in                              writing at least seven (7) days in advance.

                          a.     Each member shall know the purpose of the meeting.

                          b.     No other Association business shall be conducted.


           1.     Committees shall consist of no more than seven (7) members.

           2.     Committees shall be dissolved upon completion of their commission.

           3.      The Vice-President, by virtue of office, shall either chair or appoint a chairperson to moderate any and all                        committees.

           4.      The Vice-President or his appointed chairperson shall adhere to the Association's  by-laws, as well as                                 "ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER" .


            1.      Opening Prayer and Song

            2.       Minutes of Previous Meeting

            3.       Treasurer's Report

            4.       Reports of Officers

             5.      Reports of Committees

             6.      Unfinished Business

             7.      Elections (if any)

             8.      New Business

             9.      Adjournment

                      Prayer Concerns

                      Closing Prayer and Song


Should some serious condition exist which shall cause a member or officer to become a liability to the general of the Association, the following steps shall be taken to resolve the problem.

              1.     Any individual(s) considering dismissal of any officer or group (soloist), shall first go to that officer or                             group (soloist) and make verbal attempts to resolve the  problem.

              2.     If the above step is successful, then a petition for the dismissal shall be submitted in writing and signed                           by the petitioner to the highest ranking official not named.  That officer shall meet with the parties                                   involved and make an attempt to resolve the problem.

              3.     If, after following both steps 1 and 2 as outlined above and no solution is found, then the official shall take                       the petition before the Association to be voted on in the next regular meeting.  A two-thirds (2/3)                                     majority  vote of the members present shall call for the dismissal.


              1.     GUIDELINES

                      a.     A Mini-Convention shall consist of WKGMA members only.

                      b.     All proceeds shall go to the WKGMA treasury.

              2.     ADVERTISING AND EQUIPMENT

                     a.     Advertising

                             All advertising for a Mini-Convention shall be the sole responsibility of the host group.

                     b.     Equipment

                             1.     All Equipment necessary for the Mini-Convention shall be the sole                                                                                        responsibility of the host group.

                             2.     Each group may send their sound technician to assist the group's sound                                                                                 technician at a  Mini-Convention.

                      c.     Facilities

                             Host group may be reimbursed up to $25.00 for building rental.


        1.     ELIGIBILITY

                a.   Spring and Fall Conventions

                     To be eligible for the Spring Convention, a group/soloist must have attended four (4) of the six (6)

                      regular meetings held from September 1st to February 1st, as well as payment of  annual dues.  BOTH
                      qualifications must be met for participation in the event.  The Spring Convention shall be held

                      the first full weekend in May.  To be eligible for the Fall Convention which will  be held the first

                      full weekend in November one must comply with the same rulings as the Spring  Convention.

                NOTE;   The first full weekend is defines as all three (3) Convention dates shall fall  in May for the  

                                Spring Convention and November for the Fall Convention.

                b.   New Group/Soloist Members

                      If a NEW member joined the association, attended a majority of the meetings  from the date                                            they joined, including the meeting in which the drawing would be held and paid their annual dues,

                      they would be eligible to participate in the FIRST convention event.  Subsequent                                                               Convention participation   will require eligibility criteria as outlined  above.


                      a.     The location (venue) for the Convention shall be determined by                                                                                            nomination  and vote of the membership.

                      b.     The Recording Secretary shall announce the list of groups/soloist deemed                                                                             eligible through completion of attendance and dues requirements at the March meeting for                                               Spring Convention.

                      c.      To determine Convention performance Line-Up, the number of eligible   divided by the number of                                   Convention dates, attempting to balance groups and soloist performances as possible.

                     d.       Following completion of the performance line-up, eligible participants  may  discuss any conflicts                                     they may have with their drawn performance slot and changes can be made again attempting to                                         balance group and soloist performances on each Convention date. Upon final completion of the                                      Convention line-ups, a copy is given to the Corresponding Secretary for program and advertising                                      purposes.


      All disbursement of monies shall be handled by the elected Treasurer of the Association.  All regular                                debts incurred by the Association shall be paid by the Treasurer.

              1.     The treasurer shall be limited to an amount of no more than $50.00 without authorization of the                                        Association.  Any disbursement over this amount 

                      shall be brought up at the following business meeting (ARTICLE IV, Section C,  Paragraph 1).  All                                    other monies to be paid must be approved by two-thirds (2/3)  of the voting membership at each business                        meeting.

ARTICLE XIII-AMENDMENTS      Amendments to these by-laws may only be changed twice yearly, specifically at the September meeting and at the March meeting.

            1.     Amendments to be voted on must be presented at the August and February meetings to the membership
                   in writing (a total of one (1) physical copy to the Recording Secretary and one (1)  physical copy and                                 one digital copy, if available, to be distributed to the  Corresponding  Secretary ).


      If your group is singing in an organized event, this will  not count against your attendance.    However, you must            contact an Association Officer prior to the meeting you will miss in order to be signed in.

      Any member whose regularly-scheduled employment hours prevent them from attending the membership business        meetings shall be considered excused.


     These By-Laws of the West Kentucky Gospel Music Association are declared to be in effect as of February 2020

      with no amendments pending.  Any future amendments shall be recorded as approved by  WKGMA  Membership          at the appropriate time: