Please let me know of any prayer request and I will make sure they are added on.

Prayer Request From June 2021 Meeting

Dale Harrell (Unspoken)

Phyllis Mitchelson

Sim's Family (Health)

Darla ( Health)

Mike Glover (Stroke)

Tina Corzine (Personal)

Frankie Reddin (Cancer)
Alice Kissiar (Surgery)

Darrell Miller (Bone Cancer)

Toy Cooksey (Health)

Gary Roach (Grandson's upcoming Heart Surgery)

Grace Erwin (Health)

Eva Pigg (Health)

Roger Glasco (Dementia)

Sue Steers ( Upcoming Cataract Surgery)

Kevin Berryman (Health)

March 01, 2021

Pray for all of those that have been afflicted with the Covid Virus

The Gage Boys death of Russell Stewarts

Grady Niblet

Ansley Golightly

John David McClure


Cathy Pigg's sister

Roxanne Kohler's daughter

Joe and Shirley's friend

Arida School


Pastor Gray's Mother

Micky Beck on Hospice

Richard and Cathy Pigg...Covid

Brandi from Uplift....Covid

Roger Glasco....Dementia & Covid

Lanakae's granddaughter Kelsee...Covid

David Isom's nephew Chris.c..Covid

JoAnn Cooksey's daughter...Covid

Gary Roach for daughter and new grandchild that is arriving. Once the child is born he/she will be rushed in surgery for open heart.

Kathy Lipford (knee replacement)

Bobby Steers and Family (Bobby & his wife contracted the virus)

Phyllis Mitchison family ...Charles graduated to Heaven

 David & Linda Hale...Covid

Sharon & Charlie Holt...Covid

Marilyn Harrell.....Back & Neck

Dale Harrell.....Blood Work

February 1, 2021

Mickey & Sharon Beck

Gary Roach's newborn grandson ,he had open heart surgery on Jan.18th.

Timothy Greif  He had a motorbike accident during competition.

All the Covid Victims

Pastor Gray's Mother--Russell's Stewarts Family (killed in atv accident) he was with The Gage Boys---Grady Niblet----Ansley Golightly (lumbard fracture)---John David McClure---Marybeth---Cathy Pigg's sister---Roxanne's Daughter---Friend of Joe & Shirley's---Sheila